A Woman Like You

Halo Entertainment Group announces the launch of A Woman Like You, a new video and audio podcast from Jennifer Reid premiering this week.

Season 1 of A Woman Like You will include interviews with HGTV host & social media influencer Kortney Wilson, Beddy’s creator & CEO Betsy Mikesell, celebrity trainer Erin Oprea, and many more. Join Jennifer and guests as they explores subjects that matter, from aging, to parenting, to women’s health, and much more.

New episodes will be released weekly on Wednesday mornings on the iHeartRadio website or app , Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts. A video version will be available on YouTube for those that prefer to watch.

Click here to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.

Grab a coffee, pull up a chair, or pour a glass of wine and relax. Get on your running shoes and go for a walk or let me keep you company while you’re driving around town. Each week I’ll be inviting a new guest to join me for a heartfelt conversation on an array of topics that we, as women all deal with from time to time. Relationships, health, parenting, aging, friendships, heartache and everything in between. Nothing is off limits as we dive into all the things that make up…. A woman like you.